Thursday, September 23, 2010

POP art examples

What is pop art? pop art is basically a picture turned black and white then mochromed and rebalanced with benn day dots. Which are the little dots that basically make up the whole picture.But it doesnt always have to be dots it can be circles or lines also.

Guy Peellaert, a major European Pop artist, this is his work.

This is the picture i started out with. Changing each thing by its balances and everything. Also sketched in the halftone pattern which is the ben day dots. Well in my case circles :)

 This is my personal picture. exampling the circles with the yellow and some circles that arent that noticable in the blue. In the sunglasses are the lines. which are just straight across each thing
After picture

 Im pretty sure this is a Rob Hans picture involving Mickey Mouse:)

roy lichtenstein's famous painting of the crying girl.

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